Community content

The Na bežky! portal is guided by the community principle, ie belief that in order for an individual to benefit from the work of others, he must contribute his own work or resources. For example, most of the information on the cross-country skiing portal comes from ski trip reports submitted by the skiers themselves, whcih also earns them access to reports sent by others. Visitors to the portal who do not want to submit trip reports can choose from two other ways to contribute to the community effort and consequently gain access to all content.

The most convenient way is to purchase the Na bežky! pass. The second way - and not less valuable one - is to perform own, pro-community work. We do not discriminate between the types of volunteer work performed and use the community currency Chron (see NEO for more information) as a proof of participation.

There are two ways to acquire Chrons

1. Earning them with own work

Read more about Chrons and the economic system Neo in the Community principle article

Any work that produces goods or services that can be accessed for free or by paying Chrons is rewarded with Chrons at a rate of 10 CH/hour. There are a number of ways the registered users of this portal can claim Chrons for own work:

  1. create reports or write articles. The forms for these content types contain fields for entering the time needed to produce an article or a report. Creating a typical report takes about 15 minutes, which is rewarded with almost 3 Chrons.
  2. create or improve other content on this portal. There are multiple ways how to do it (contact us if you are interested in helping in any of these areas):
    1. create trail pages in countries or regions that are missing in our database. For example, currently we have almost no coverage in Czech republic, even though the number of registered users and visitors from that country is growing. Situation with trails in other countries is similar,
    2. provide new, or improve existing description on the region or trail pages (see the Small Carpathians page for inspiration). Ideally every region page should contain information about the region, where are the ski centers, most popular trails and how to get to them, accommodation information and any other information a visitor might find useful. For the trail pages, they might contain info about their popularity, best direction to ski, typical snow conditions on them and description of any obstacles or difficult places on them,
    3. help to keep the page, listing stores and renting facilities up to date,
    4. translate the portal text into other languages. Currently the portal is available in Slovak, Czech and English. It would be great to have also at least a Polish translation, but we have visitors also from German speaking countries,
  3. help with programming the portal, or our mobile applications,
  4. help us choose places for and install web cameras.

You can get Chrons also for work that is not directly related to this portal. For example, trail creation, maintenance or grooming, any FOSS programming (after all, without Drupal, Apache or Linux this portal would not exist), writing Wikipedia articles, mapping for the Openstreetmap project, etc. To claim Chrons for this kind of work, makre sure you gather evidence proving you performed the work and create a new project, or enter a work report for a project on the Rovas portal (a project can have multiple work reports - see the Na bezky project for an example). Once two people approve your work, you will get the Chrons.