About this portal

A little bit of history
The nabezky.sk portal was established in 2008, with the aim to be the source of up-to-date informations about the conditions for cross-country skiing and to create a map of cross-country skiing routes. In 2013, our nonprofit OZ Slovensko v pohybe was established, to achieve these goals. From the beginning, the up-to-date informations about snow conditions have been provided by the skiers themselves, who use the portal-provided form to file reports from their ski trips. Later, the option to send reports via the Na bežky! app was added. We also collect up-to-date information on the snow conditions using web cameras. In December 2016, we started collecting position data from snow groomers via GPS devices. Cross-country skiers thus gained an immediate source of information about the status of machine-groomed trails  in Slovakia.
In the years 2013 - 2017, our organization, in cooperation with the Slovak Ski Association organized cross-country skiing courses for beginners. We also worked on the scooter-groomed trail Pezinská Baba - Biely kríž project and organized volunteer clean-up of trails in the Little Carpathians. Over five seasons, we tried to promote our Stopa project, the aim of which was to create a nationwide mechanism for financing the cross-country trail maintenance.
Current activities
Although not explicitly formulated in our organization's statutes, an important goal of the association was from the very beginning to create a mechanism that would not only provide cross-country skiers with the up-to-date skiing conditions information, but allow them also to actively participate in production of the information. However, the problem we encountered from the beginning was existence of a large disparity in the number of people who actively generate the information and those who just consume it.
Therefore, we are currently experimenting with a system that should solve this undesirable situation. We have integrated the NEO community economic system into the portal, enabling anyone to receive a reward in the form of the community currency chron (from the Greek chronos = time) for the time invested into community projects. Chrons holders can then reward other users for the products or services they create. As the creators of these services or products can choose to make them available only for a chron payment, this creates interest in the community currency. Chrons can be obtained either by own work, or purchased for euros, and chron owners can freely exchange them for euros.
A concrete example: a cross-country skier who writes an article on how to choose / buy cross-country skis, or creates instructions about how to wax skis can earn chronos for their effort. They can use the earned chrons to reward the people who maintain their favorite trails. If the article is locked and the person interested in reading it does not have chrons, they can buy them for euros in the Rovas application. The community currency thus acquires a real exchange rate. A driver of a trail-grooming snowmobile can consequently exchange their chronos for euros and use them for example to buy petrol. Any voluntary activities such as ski trail grooming, creation of open source computer programs or removing garbage from the forest are rewarded. The nabezky portal makes it very easy to get chrons by writing news or articles. All that is necessary to get paid is to indicate in the relevant forms the length of time needed to write them. To obtain chrons for other types of activities, it is necessary to fill in a work report in the Rovas application.
OZ Slovensko v pohybe does not have and never had paid employees. The organization's account used to be publicly visible in the past, but since the launch of the new version of the portal, no volunteer has yet been found to renew the service. The association will welcome help of not only a software programmer who could program-in the missing feature, but also people with account management expertise or graphc design skills. These activities are all rewarded with chrons and our volunteers receive also a non-monetary "reputation" merit reward, one can be read more about in Rovas.
OZ Slovensko v Pohybe

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