Na bežky! - Application for smartphones

Please note:
Due to annual renewal fee of 99 USD required by Apple to list apps in their app store, the Na bezky! app is currently unavailable for the iOS platform


Na bezky! is a smartphone and tablet app for cross-country skiers. The texts in the application are in Slovak, but it can be used to send reports from anywhere in the world.

Application features

  • simple and fast report creation, including photos and sharing via Facebook
  • trip recording
  • an interactive ski map
  • import and display route created in Trip Planner (for Slovakia only)
  • weather forecast
  • contact for the mountain rescue service (in Slovakia only)

If you have an account on this portal, you can try the app directly in your browser on this page. To sign in, use your login information. For other visitors, we've prepared a short video clip that features app features.


  1. First of all, make sure there is a version for your smartphone or tablet. The application requires Android version 4.0.3 or higher. The Apple device version (iPhone and iPad) requires an operating system version 6 or higher.
  2. Make sure you have an account created on the portal and you know your login and password.
  3. Download the application Na bezky!:



  4. Optionally, Android users can install the app directly from this file.

Screenshots from the app


Tips & Recommendations

  • Once you create and activate your account, you can test it by creating and sending a report titled *TEST* (including stars!). This will not be published on the portal, but you'll find it on your profile page in the Reports tab, where you can view, edit or publish it, or delete it.
  • To switch between the various pages (Terrain Management, Map, Weather), click anywhere on the upper blue bar with the title.
  • The submitted report will appear automatically on the front page of this portal. You can find your messages in the portal, in the Reports section of your account.
  • If you send an unintentional message from the app and want to hide it from the portal's front page, you can either delete it yourself or write us at and we will unpublish the report for you.
  • The map used in the app is downloaded from the internet. If you want to ensure that it will be available outside where there is no signal or your mobile plan does not include mobile data, review the area of the planned trip before departing on your trip. The reviewed map area will be saved in the phone memory and will also be available in places without a mobile signal (Internet access).
  • To turn tracking, switch to the Map screen and touch the pencil icon in the top left corner. Recording is active if the icon color changes to orange. When the icon is pressed again, the recording will stop.
  • The track recording in the GPX format can be found in the phone memory in the 'on-line' directory (Android only)
  • The weather forecast is downloaded for a place marked with a yellow dot in the middle of the map. Clicking on the localization icon at the top left will move the map to your current location.
  • Clicking the weather icons (cloud, sun, etc.) on the Weather forecast screen will display a description of the icon's meaning.


  • If you are registered in Rovas, you can earn chrons for your report. After sending a report from the app, this portal will file a report for you in Rovas, using the labor time set in your user profile. There, you can set also the reward you require from users to pay, to access your new report.
  • The application is not currently being developed, but the situation can change, if a programmer with interest to collaborate is found.
  • The reward of "points" information that appears on the page after the message is sent, is no longer valid.