Privacy policy

This portal uses cookies to support the following functionality:

  1. to enhance user experience, including the ability to store login information, which in turn allows users to repeatedly visit the portal without the need to authenticate every time.
  2. for keeping track of what content user visited, in order to not show information that the user does not want to see every time he or she visits the portal
  3. currenty we use Google Analytics (GA) to track visitor activity in the portal. This information helps us better understand the needs of our visitors. Often such observations lead to enhancements in the portal, that enhance its usefulness. Eventually we will replace GA with an equivalent FOSS solution, that will allow us not to share analytical cookies with third parties.
  4. unregistered users are shown ads generated by Google AdSsense program, which uses cookies to measure effectiveness of ads they serve. Registered users do not see these advertisements and do not receive cookies from Google AdSense.

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Deleting own account

Users can delete their user account and all content they created, using the Cancel account button in their user profile.