Privacy policy (nabezky) is run by the Slovensko v pohybe not-for-profit organization. In this document this organization will be refered to as we.

Data we collect

Nabezky can be used by anonymous and registered users. Anonymous users have only limited and read-only access to the project pages. To gain access to all nabezky functions, users must register in the application, by choosing their user name and supplying a valid email address and country of residence. Users might also use a selector in their user profile to set language of the nabezky interface to a language different from the one they have set in their browser, which is used by default.

Logging in through 3rd party services

If an user uses 3rd party services to log into nabezky, we ask the 3rd party service the minimal possible personal information bundle, that includes email address and user name. In particular, when using Google, we collect the "profile" and "email" information.

How the data is used

The user data we collect is used exclusively for making it possible for the users to use the application. In particular, user names are used to identify user-generated content, email addresses are used to send messages to the users, the country of residence is used to filter content user need to interract with and the language setting allows us to provide user-understandable language in the application interface. With the exception of user name, all of the user information we collect is private.

The information we collect from users is used exclusively to allow them to interact with the application functions and with other users. We do not use any information provided by the users for any purposes other than those stipulated here.

Deleting user data

Users can delete their own data at any time in their user profile.


This portal uses cookies to support the following functionality:

  1. to enhance user experience, including the ability to store login information, which in turn allows users to repeatedly visit the portal without the need to authenticate every time.
  2. for keeping track of what content user visited, in order to not show information that the user does not want to see every time he or she visits the portal
  3. currenty we use Google Analytics (GA) to track visitor activity in the portal. This information helps us better understand the needs of our visitors. Often such observations lead to enhancements in the portal, that enhance its usefulness. Eventually we will replace GA with an equivalent FOSS solution, that will allow us not to share analytical cookies with third parties.
  4. unregistered users might be shown ads generated by Google AdSsense program, which uses cookies to measure effectiveness of ads they serve. Registered users do not see these advertisements and do not receive cookies from Google AdSense.