Na bežky pass - season 2022/23

The Na bežky pass will allow you "barrier-free" access to all content on the portal, for the entire winter season. Among other things, you will gain access to:

  • reports from cross-country skiers,
  • all articles,
  • photos from cameras,
  • ski routes in the mountains,
  • archive of gps recordings from tours,
  • ...
If you pay in euros, we will exchange them for chrons and use them to reward the authors of the content you visit. As a result (see the NEO rules), the exchange rate of the chron against the euro will be strengthened, so that, for example, cross-country skiers can earn more euros for their chrons earned for creating and maintaining cross-country skiing tracks.
This is a "virtual" product - nothing is shipped.
7,00 €
/ 728.07 CH